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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

November 16, 2005

“Whats Good for the Goose is Good for the Slanderers”

Today, the Senate Majority Project publicly called on Vermont Senate Candidate Greg Parke to sign a release allowing public inspection of his entire military record.

A few days ago, Parke released a letter from “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” founder John O’Neill endorsing him, asking for contributions to his campaign and linking the group’s effort to defeat John Kerry to the Vermont Senate race. Parke has since admitted that he asked for O’Neill’s help through another leader of the Swift Boat group, Bud Day. Now, despite the fact that he asked for their help and is taking their money, Parke is denying that the Swift Boat Veterans are aiding him.

“Any candidate or officeholder at any level who condones the Swift Boat smear tactics by soliciting their help and their money should at least pass their basic test,” said Executive Director Mike Gehrke pointing to repeated calls by O'Neill's group and its supporters for John Kerry to release his full military record.

“What’s for the goose is good for the slanderers. If Greg Parke is taking their help and their money, he should allow release and inspection of his entire military record. All he needs to do is sign a form conveniently found on the Swift Boat Vets website and send it to the Senate Majority Project and we will happily pay for and post a website allowing full disclosure of these records.”

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A form SF180 authorizing release of military records can be found on the Swift Boat Vets website at:

The form can also be downloaded here: