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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Burns & Co. Display Firm Grasp of Obvious

Biggest Recipient of Abramoff Money in Senate Says Abramoff Is A "Bad Bad Guy"

Please take exactly 50 seconds to watch this video of Sen. Conrad Burns getting the Ambramoff question in Kalispell, MT.

Here's the full quote and the story:
"This Abramoff guy is a bad, bad guy. And he's indicted, and I hope he goes to jail and we never see him again. I wish he'd never been born to be right honest with you. Because he's done a terrible, terrible thing to our Native American community."
His spokesman was not quite able to marshall a similar anger this morning:
Burns spokesman James Pendleton responded, in sarcastic incredulity, "A senator met with lobbyists? ... And he's been meeting with them for years? Well, duh."
Wonder if anybody has pointed out to Burns that if Abramoff hadn’t been born, Burns’ campaign account would be a few thousand lighter. And all the time Burns and/or his staff spent in meetings with Abramoff could have been spent at home taking care of their kids.

Is he keeping the money? Well, duh!