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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Is Republican Recruiting This Bad?

AP is reporting that “Apprentice” reject Raj Peter Bhakta is launching a political career. Apparently after being rejected by a “reality” show, politics seems like an obvious alternative.

Raj, for those who have Trump allergies, was thrown off the show when he failed to satisfactorily remodel a house. Makes sense that he would decide to run for the House.

And the real fans will remember this:
Raj never gave up: After being fired by Donald Trump, he lingered in the elevator lobby, waiting for the doors to open so he could begin his taxi ride of shame. Instead of standing there, humbled, he went for it: He walked over to Trump employee Robin and asked for her phone number.
As she tried to ignore him, he continued, “Pony up, come on, pony up. Do you have a boyfriend?” Robin, the “secretary” who has no purpose on “The Apprentice” except to tilt her head and tell the contestants they can go back into the boardroom, sighed and didn’t say much.
A legitimate debate question …

MODERATOR: “Mr. Bhakta … “pony up” … does that line ever work?”

One more link … nuff said.