Senate Majority Project

Monday, December 12, 2005

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me

Allegedly Pro-Choice Murkowski to Trust Alito’s "Temperament"

Since being appointed as a Senator promising to protect the right to choose, Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s position has slid from pro-choice to “multiple choice.” She’s voted in favor of a resolution supporting Roe v. Wade, only to feign disinterest in the position and views of a Justice that could overturn crucial parts of that decision. Her position can now only be described “multiple guess.”

After meeting with Judge Alito, Murkowski announced:
“If he had given me his view on what we should do with Roe vs. Wade, I don't care which direction he went, I would not think that he would be the type of person that we would want to serve on the bench.”
In fact, Alito has zigzagged almost as much as Murkowski on the issue. An architect of the Reagan Administration strategy to overturn Roe, Alito has proclaimed that he believes in the right to privacy, the same day he touted a dissent he wrote that would have upheld states can require a married woman to notify her husband before ending a pregnancy. Consistency apparently is not part of the temperament of either.