Senate Majority Project

Thursday, November 17, 2005

What’s the Most Important Issue For the Republican Senate?

If you guessed:
  • Developing an exit strategy for Iraq?
  • Properly equipping our troops?
  • Acting to reduce gas prices and reduce dependence on foreign oil?
You would be wrong

If you read polls you might say:
  • The economy
  • Terrorism
  • Or the War in Iraq
You would be wrong

Current Majority "Leader" Bill Frist says:
"Asbestos reform will be the first major piece of legislation that we consider in late January when we return,"
And Judiciary Chair Arlen Specter even said:
"Of all of the items which could provide an economic stimulus to the U.S. economy, I think asbestos reform would be the most important,"
Republicans … Making the world safe for Asbestos. Because if Asbestos is not reformed, the suiciders have really won.