Senate Majority Project

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sen. Stevens White Whale

"We All See It. That Don't Make it Real."

In yet another sign that he creeping off the deep end, Senator Ted Stevens announced that House and Senate appropriators agreed to attach his long anticipated measure of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to the Defense Appropriations bill. []

Yesterday Stevens attempted to attach ANWR drilling to the hurricane relief package stating, “It’s going to be awfully hard to vote against Katrina [disaster assistance]. . . . If it’s in there, then maybe those disaster people — area people — will vote with me on ANWR.” (CQ Today, 12/14/05)

By pitting Gulf coast victims against troops in Iraq, the Senator may finally have his wish of drilling in ANWR, however his behavior in the matter did not go unnoticed. “Like Ahab, certain Republicans are so dedicated to a lost cause that they have lost their reason in the process,” said Democrat Ed Markey (D-MA) who warned that adding ANWR to the Defense appropriations bill would slow down the approval of funding for the troops. “Let us hope that those who captain the Senate will turn this ship around before it founders on a filibuster.”

Perhaps if by some miracle (‘tis the season) the Senator doesn’t get his wish, and we have an open and honest debate about ANWR without holding desperately needed funds hostage, Stevens will finally keep his promise to resign.